B5000 Bariatric (STR)

For use by individuals weighing over approximately 300 lbs or require a bariatric wheelchair.

The FAWSsit™ B5000 Bariatric is designed to offer all of the features and benefits of the S2000 Standard and the SS4040 Super Standard models but gives added space to accommodate large-sized wheelchairs, or even slightly tilted wheelchairs. With the B5000, even morbidly obese individuals are able to receive a safe, effective shower, and are able to easily reach all body parts with the customized showerhead assembly. The slightly lower height, at 44”, enables care attendants better access when reaching into the larger unit to assist with bathing. As with all FAWSsit™ models, the germicide-imbedded vinyl shower curtains can either be fully enclosed for privacy or can be left open in front to best enable care attendant access. And, only FAWSsit™ portable showers have a triple-layer, fiberglass-mesh imbedded waste water pan to hold up to multiple years of repeated roll in and roll out without breakdown or tearing. No “foam fatigue” occurs with the FAWSsit™ pan design, so water spillage is NOT a problem, as can happen with unsupported foam sided drain pans.

$225.00 / month and a $1,200.00 sign-up fee

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The B5000 Bariatric FAWSsit™ shower stall has the same design as the S2000 Standard FAWSsit™, but it was added to the product line to meet the needs of two distinct groups:  The morbidly obese individual who requires an oversized wheelchair and shower to realize the same health benefits as individuals with disabilities who are able to use a standard-sized wheelchair.  It was also designed for individuals who may be able to fit into a standard-sized wheelchair, but who may have foot or leg issues which require additional depth to accommodate their foot extension.  As with the other FAWSsit™ models, the B5000 Bariatric FAWSsit™ portable shower is for those who find that traditional bathing facilities are difficult or impossible to use, and who may not be able to do remodeling of the bathroom to allow for full accessibility.  Its cost is a fraction of a remodel for a Bariatric accessible re-model.  Users include renters, seniors, hospice patients, or large individuals with almost any type of permanent or temporary disability for whom showering or bathing is no longer safe or even possible. While the B5000 model is for individuals who are still able to use a standard Bariatric wheelchair, if a custom size is required, Care Giver Support Products will be happy to provide a bid.

The size of the B5000 is approximately 48” wide by 48” deep, and stands 44” tall.  All showers are individually manufactured and size may vary slightly. With this unit, the person to be bathed can be rolled into the shower stall in a Bariatric shower/commode style of wheelchair.  Once inside the shower stall, a front support bar is lowered so that the fourth side of the shower pan can be attached for wastewater collection.  A front shower curtain may be brought around for the person who is able to do their own bathing or may be left open for easier caregiver access to assist with the bathing.

The source of water for the B5000 shower unit is any standard sink faucet.  And, there is a pump mounted on the outside of the shower stall which pulls the wastewater from the drain pan.  There is a hose attached to the pump unit which returns the wastewater to the sink drain for disposal.  (See Operations and Maintenance for tips on using and maintaining the FAWSsit™ portable shower.)

Model Specifications

  • Off-white plastic germicide embedded privacy shower curtain
  • Front curtain attached to side
  • Faucet attachment for standard faucet included. Custom attachment may require plumbing services at buyer’s expense.
  • Comes with 15-foot drain hose and shower head hose
  • Double layer vinyl drain pan
  • Custom designed diaphragm wet/dry pump
  • Weight: 36 lbs.
  • 44 inches Tall
    48 Inches Wide
    48 Inches Deep

Short Term Rental Policy

  1. Rentals available for:
    1. 1 month, 2 months minimum
    2. After the initial 2 month rental period rental can continue month to month
  2. Additional Months
    1. The credit card on file will automatically be charged each additional month until a rental termination is requested via email prior to the expiration of the preceding rental period
    2. The security deposit will be refunded when the returned shower is received
  3. Returns
    1. Rental termination must be communicated via email prior to the expiration of the preceding rental period
    2. Return shipping, including adequate insurance, will be paid by FAWSsit™ Shower, which will provide a return shipping voucher on request.
  4. Shower Care
    1. Customer agree to take reasonable care of the rented shower, following the cleaning procedure here.
    2. Damages to the shower identified on return, which are unrelated to damages caused by the shipper, shall be paid by the renter and will be deducted from the rental security deposit.
    3. All rental returns are opened and inspected  with a camera recording the process.
    4. If the renter fails to return the shower at the end of the agreed upon rental period the renter forfeits the rental security deposit.
    5. In addition, the renter is liable for the shop purchase price adjusted for the security deposit and a maximum of 3 month rental payments.
  5. Rent to purchase
    1. If, during the rental term, the purchase price shall be the undiscounted shop price as published on the FAWSsit™ website minus the following consideration.
    2. Rental customer shall receive a 15 percent discount on the published undiscounted shop price and up to 3 months of rental payments shall be credited towards the purchase price.

Short Term Rental Warranty

1. What is the Coverage Period?

  1. The shower functionality is covered for the duration of the rental period.
  2. Shower functionality includes
    1. Shower frame integrity
    2. Shower pump functionality
    3. Shower head functionality
  3. Renter is required to follow cleaning procedure provided with the rental shower. $100 cleaning fee will be incurred if cleaning procedures not followed.
  4. Any physical damage to shower will be billed at cost to renter
  5. Physical damage includes but is not limited to:
    1. Shower curtain tears or damage
    2. Drain pan tears or damage
    3. Damaged hoses
    4. Lost parts


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