Bay Area Short Term Shower Rentals

Rentals available in the greater bay area. Rentals offered at 3 day, 14 day and 1 month durations.

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Outside the Bay Area and still need short term rental?

S2000 Standard Model Shower fully assembled
S2000 Standard (STR)
36"x36"x48" For use by individuals weighing up to approximately 220 lbs...
SS4040 Super Standard Shower Model
SS4040 Super Standard (STR)
42"x42"x48" For use by individuals weighing up to approximately 300 lbs...
Recliner model shower
R3000 Recliner (STR)
44"x75"x36" For use by individuals who require a reclining style wheelchair...
Tall Series portable shower
T4000 Tall (STR)
Available sizes from 36"x36"x72" For use by those who can stand...
B5000 Bariatric (STR)
46"x46"x44" For use by individuals weighing over approximately 300 lbs or...

Short Term Rental Shower Care

It is the responsibility of the renter to properly clean and maintain the FAWSsit™ Shower. Failure to do so may result in forfeit of your deposit.